1986-10-06: First meeting of Ad-hoc Governing Body

1986-11-07:   Second meeting of Ad-hoc Governing Body decided to formal opening on 14 Nov 1986.

1987-01-24:   Smt. PranatiMajumdar joined as the first lecturer of the college against a Government approved post.

1986-1987:    Students enrolment; First Year- 38 (Male), 08 (Female), Second Year- 19 (Male), 08 (Female).

1988-08-11:   Sri Debesh Chakraborty, Sri SamarendranathRaha, Sri Ganesh Choudhury, Sri Pradip Kr. Roy, Sri Bidyut Kr Ghosh, Sri Kailas Rabidas and Sri Bikash Dutta joined in the office.

1988-12-12:   Ad-hoc Governing Body sanctions Rs 150.00 for purchase of a volley ball.

1992-09-04:   Statutory Governing Body was formed; Siddhartha, District Magistrate of Uttar Dinajpur elected as the first President of the Governing Body.

1995-06-12:   Dr.Dhrendra Kumar Das joined as first Principal of the College.

2003-06-24:   Dr.Prabir Kr. Roy joined as second Principal of the College.