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Story of Ramayana in Bengal Terracotta, Puthia, Bangladesh


Department at a Glance

The History Department of Raiganj Surendranath Mahavidyalaya offers Under Graduate course following the syllabus of the University of Gour Banga. The Department focuses on teaching Indian history from prehistoric times till the early postcolonial period, history of Modern China, Japan and South-East Asia, European history from Italian Renaissance till the twentieth century, and world history for the twentieth century. It started the General course in 1999 under the affiliation of University of North Bengal and offered the Honours course since 2009 under the affiliation of the University of Gour Banga. Currently, the department has started the Major course following the NEP 2020 guidelines of the University of Gour Banga.

The department consist of two Assistant Professor and three SACT as faculty members who are meticulously conducting both the CBCS and NEP 2020 curriculum. The department has one ICT enabled class room and one common class room. Department faculty members often take part in prestigious national and international conferences and workshops at IIM Ahmedabad, IIAS Shimla, IIT-KPG, MCPR BHU, JU, JNU, AMU, HCU, Indian History Congress, Rajshahi University, Asiatic Society of Dhaka, etc., and the department itself also organizes one UGC sponsored National Conference (2017) by Smt. Chandana Saha and various special lectures, faculty exchange programme under MoUs with various other colleges regularly. One faculty of the department Dr. Abhinandan Das has completed one UGC sponsored MRP (2014-2016).

The department follows a multi-faceted teaching approach combines standard lectures (accompanied by chalk-board and audio-visual aids) with interactive sessions, discussions, and student presentations. Focus is also placed on interdisciplinary approaches to studies, with faculty members collaborating with faculty from other departments to carry out joint classes and discussions. Students are thus benefited by academic debates and discussions. Student participation in annual cultural programme and exhibition Pragati enable the students to put forward their own perspectives before the faculty and the society. The department also conducts annually an educational trip to Bolpur, Malda, Raiganj District Museum.

The aim of the department is to spread the knowledge to the society through the students and uphold basic understanding of our socio-economic-cultural past to judge our everyday life and shape the future.

Basic Books

  1. AL Basham, The Wonder That Was India, https://archive.org/details/TheWonderThatWasIndiaByALBasham_201805 (uploaded by Dr. Abhinandan Das)
  2. RC MAJUMDER, HISTORY OF BENGAL, VOL.1 https://archive.org/details/in.ernet.dli.2015.69821 (uploaded by Dr. Abhinandan Das)
  3. Y N Harari. Sepiens: A Brief History of Humankind https://archive.org/details/isbn_9780099590088 (uploaded by Dr. Abhinandan Das)
  4. Niharranjan Roy, Bangalir Itihas https://archive.org/details/BangalirItihasAdiparbaByNiharranjanRoy (uploaded by Dr. Abhinandan Das)
  5. DD Kosambi, An Introduction to the Study of Indian History, https://archive.org/details/AnIntroductionToTheStudyOfIndianHistory-D.D.Kosambi (uploaded by Dr. Abhinandan Das)
  6. Romila Thapar, Early India,  https://archive.org/details/HistoryOfEarlyIndiaFromTheOriginsToAD1300Thapar (uploaded by Dr. Abhinandan Das)
  7. Deepak kumar, Science and the Raj, https://archive.org/details/scienceraj1857190000kuma(uploaded by Dr. Abhinandan Das)
  8. Irfan Habib, Medieval India, https://archive.org/details/isbn_0195623304(uploaded by Dr. Abhinandan Das)
  9. Sumit Sarkar, Modern India, https://archive.org/details/dli.bengal.10689.12696(uploaded by Dr. Abhinandan Das)
  10. Sumit Sarkar, Modern Times,https://archive.org/details/moderntimesindia0000sark(uploaded by Dr. Abhinandan Das)
  11. EJ Hobsbawm, The Age of Revolution 1789-1848, https://files.libcom.org/files/Eric%20Hobsbawm%20-%20Age%20Of%20Revolution%201789%20-1848.pdf
  12. EJ Hobsbawm, The Age of Empire, 1875-1914, http://pratclif.com/ebooks/Eric%20Hobsbawm%20-%20Age%20Of%20Empire%201875%20-%201914.pdf
  13. EJ Hobsbawm, The Age of Extremes 1914-1991,  https://archive.org/details/ageofextremeshis0000hobs

Study Materials (in Bengali) 

  1. SEM II (DC III) CONCEPT AND HISTORIOGRAPHY OF EARLY-MEDIEVAL INDIA (uploaded by Dr. Abhinandan Das, 06.04.2020) https://rsmraiganj.in/wp-content/themes/raiganj-surendranath-mahavidyalaya/pdf/1586190026_CONCEPT%20AND%20HISTORIGRAPHY%20OF%20EARLY-MEDIEVAL%20INDIA.pdf

  2. SEM II (DC III) SOURCE OF EARLY-MEDIEVAL INDIAN HISTORY (uploaded by Dr. Abhinandan Das, 07.04.2020) https://rsmraiganj.in/wp-content/themes/raiganj-surendranath-mahavidyalaya/pdf/1586247440_SOURCE%20OF%20EARLY-MEDIEVAL%20INDIAN%20HISTORY.pdf

  3. SEM II (DC III) ACHIEVEMENTS OF SASHANKA (UPLOADED BY Dr. ABHINANDAN DAS, 04/05/2020) https://rsmraiganj.in/wp-content/themes/raiganj-surendranath-mahavidyalaya/pdf/1589398058_SASHANKA.pdf

  4. SEM II (DC III) CONTRIBUTION OF PALA DYNASTY OF BENGAL (UPLOADED BY Dr. ABHINANDAN DAS, 23/05/2020) https://rsmraiganj.in/wp-content/themes/raiganj-surendranath-mahavidyalaya/pdf/1590173236_8%20Contribution%20of%20Pala%20Rule%20of%20Bengal%20(2).pdf

  5. SEM II (DC III) TRIPARTITE STRUGGLE AND ITS IMPORTANCE (UPLOADED BY Dr. ABHINANDAN DAS, 27/05/2020) https://rsmraiganj.in/wp-content/themes/raiganj-surendranath-mahavidyalaya/pdf/1591120753_9%20Tripartite%20Struggle%20and%20its%20importance.pdf

  6. SEM II (DC III) DESCRIPTION OF SENA DYNASTY OF BENGAL (UPLOADED BY Dr. ABHINANDAN DAS, 30/05/2020) https://rsmraiganj.in/wp-content/themes/raiganj-surendranath-mahavidyalaya/pdf/1591120903_10%20Description%20of%20Sena%20Dynasty%20of%20Bengal.pdf


Dr. Abhinandan Das

  1. ‘Industrialization, Migration and Urbanisation: Durgapur Experience’ in Pallavi Chakravarty (ed) Urbanisation in Bengal: Ideas, Institutions and Policies, Routledge, Oxon   &         New     York, 2024, pp. 203-224, ISBN: 978-1-032-36132-1 (hbk), DOI: 10.4324/9781003495512-15 https://www.routledge.com/Urbanisation-in-Bengal-Ideas-Institutions-and- Policies/Chakravarty/p/book/9781032361321)
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Smt. Chandana Saha